The Cultural Division at the Embassy of the UAE is committed to publishing a biannual newsletter, AlMubtaath Al-Emirati. This newsletter will help UAE students to learn about one another's achievements, receive useful tips for academic success, and keep in touch with the Cultural Division. AlMubtaath Al-Emirati can be even better with students' contribution; please contact your Academic Advisor if you would like to be part of the next publication.



Newsletter, Issue 2 December 2017 (PDF)


Newsletter, Issue 1, March 2017 (PDF)


Newsletter, Issue 2, November 2016 (PDF)


Newsletter, Issue 1, May 2016  (PDF)


Newsletter, Issue 2, October 2014 (PDF)


Newsletter, Issue 1, April 2013 (HTML)


Newsletter, Vol 2, Issue 2 (PDF)

Newsletter, Vol 2, Issue 1 (PDF)

Newsletter, Vol I, Issue 3 (PDF)

Newsletter, Vol I, Issue 2 (PDF)

Newsletter, Vol I, Issue I (PDF)

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