Ministry of Presidential Affairs (MOPA)

Each year, the Ministry of Presidential Affairs (MOPA) awards scholarships to distinguished students from across the United Arab Emirates. These students pursue academic studies in a myriad of majors including Engineering, Business Administration, Information Technology, Medicine, Pharmacy, Food Sciences & Nutrition, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mass Communications, Law, etc.

Initially, the scholarship was meant for the selected students to attend United Arab Emirates Universities only; however, there are students who have been sent to the United States, Great Britain, New Zealand and Canada.

Selection criteria for the Ministry of Presidential Affairs applicants consist of several requisites. 

The Distinguished Students Scholarships (DSS) and the Study Abroad Scholarships Program (SASP) are granted annually by H.H. the President of the UAE. These are the most prestigious scholarships in the country and are limited to an annual cohort of fifteen to twenty of the best high school students who are drawn from an initial pool of five to six hundred candidates.

Since its inception in 1999, the scholarship program has been administered by the Scholarships Office (SCO), which is based in Abu Dhabi.

The Distinguished Student Scholarship (DSS) and Study Abroad Scholarship (SASP) are granted by the Ministry of Presidential Affairs and administered by the Scholarship Coordination Office (SCO). The objectives of the scholarship are to:

  • Provide academically distinguished UAE national students with opportunities to pursue undergraduate and graduate education abroad.
  • Place UAE students at the finest, most prestigious colleges and universities abroad.
  • Contribute to the development of the UAE's national human resources by enabling exceptional students to study in selected fields and majors.
  • Help prepare future generations for the UAE's rapid development and to contribute to the nation's successful transition to the 21st Century.

For further information, please refer to The Ministry of Presidential Affairs (MOPA).

MOPA Scholarship Program