Message from Ambassador Yousef Al Otaiba

Greetings Students and Visitors,

I would like to thank you for visiting the website of the Cultural Division at the Embassy of the United Arab Emirates in Washington, DC.

Ambassador Yousef Al OtaibaThe mission of the Cultural Division is to provide you, the student, and all those seeking to further their education all the tools necessary to help achieve your goals. Strengthening our education system is a shared responsibility of all UAE citizens that goes beyond our classroom walls and into our communities. As the founder of our nation, the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan once said, “The greatest use that can be made of wealth is to invest it in creating generations of educated and trained people.”  The UAE has collaborated with several world renowned educational institutions to help develop a strong educational foundation. These Partnerships encourage shared experiences and resources. Therefore, to ensure our students are ready and poised for life in our rapidly changing and globalized environment of the 21st century, I and the Cultural Division are ready and able to provide you the resources and support to do so.  I encourage you to visit this website often, keep in touch with the cultural Division and let us know how we can help achieve your educational goals.

Thank you and Good Luck.


Yousef Al Otaiba