Dubai Police Scholarship Program

Student Financial Benefits

Dubai Police provides financial support for all its scholars in the US as they pursue their studies in a range of undergraduate and graduate programs. This financial support includes:


Students receive a monthly salary from Dubai Police as per the Scholarship rules and regulations.

Medical Dental and Vision Coverage

Students receive full medical and dental coverage, as per the Dubai Police standard policy. All students will be provided with a medical card yearly. For any inquiries, please call our office at 1 (877) 862-7223 ext. 4448 or (202) 243-4448.

Airline Tickets

Students receive a yearly round-trip ticket from Dubai Police according to the Scholarship rules and regulations.

New Students: Documents to be sent to the Cultural Division
Student Responsibilities

Each new student is responsible to submit to his/her Scholarship Academic Advisor upon arrival to the US the following:

  • Arrival documents:
    • Copy of your I-94
    • Copy of your I-20
    • Copy of your Passport Biographical Page
    • Copy of your Visa Page
    • Two (2) passport photos for the Medical Card
  • Local address, phone number, and email address. You are also responsible for notifying your Scholarship Academic Advisor and International Student Advisor at the University in any changes in contact information within ten (10) days of the change in accordance with SEVIS regulations. If any correspondence or checks need to be mailed to you, they will be sent to the last address that you provided to the Cultural Division.

Please note that your Scholarship Academic Advisor will provide you with some necessary forms for you to fill out and return to him/her.

Commitment to the field of study and the country assigned by Dubai Police

Each Dubai Police scholarship holder is committed to his/her assigned field of study, university, country and duration of study as per his/her letter of sponsorship.

If a student wants to change his/her field of study, university, country and duration of study, this requires the approval of Dubai Police before any change.    

Academic Study Plan

Submit your Academic Study Plan, signed by your University Advisor, to your Scholarship Academic Advisor during your first academic semester or quarter.

The Academic Study Plan is an advising tool; a graphic overview of your field of study. It shows you what you have to take (the required courses); the concentrations or the individually designed options; and what courses you can elect to take (the elective courses). The Academic Study Plan is not a contract --you can change it at any time-- but it does assist you to plan your course schedule and the expected graduation date.

You must complete your Academic Study Plan in consultation with the appropriate university official, e.g. Dean, Department Head, University Advisor and your Scholarship Academic Advisor. You will need to meet regularly with the relevant university official to discuss your specific plan of study to meet graduation requirements. The Academic Study Plan must bear at least the university official signature, your signature, your field of study and the date of signature.

Registration Form

Submit your completed, signed Registration Form for each term (Semester, Quarter) to your Academic Advisor at the beginning of each term. You must provide the Cultural Division with the registration form after the end of the Add/Drop period.

Register for the term you will be in as a Full-Time student according to your Academic Study Plan and registering them during the period of registration.

Take Minimum Credit Hours Required

You MUST register for the minimum credit hours required for the term you will be in according to the academic system of the university or college except during the period of writing the master or doctoral dissertation.

The US immigration rules and regulations policy requirements dictate that an undergraduate student is not allowed to register for less than 12 credits per a semester or 15 credits per a quarter. And, for the graduate not less than 9 credits per a semester or 12 credits per a quarter. If for any reason you intend to drop certain credits, you should get a written approval from both your University or College Academic Advisor and your Scholarship.

Not registering the minimum credit hours will render the residency of the student in the US illegal which will expose him/her to penalties such as detention or deportation.

Add/Drop Period

You MUST not withdraw from any courses that you have already registered for unless it is during the Add/Drop period that the university specified. You must be committed to the courses you selected for each semester or quarter.

You will be responsible for the payment of the tuition fees of the courses you added or dropped without approval from your Scholarship Academic Advisor and the courses were not included in your Academic Study Plan.

Academic Progress Report

Submit your Academic Progress Report (Transcript) to your Scholarship Academic Advisor at the end of each term (Semester, Quarter). Delay in sending your transcript in the specified period will automatically result in holding your monthly stipend and may lead to the termination of the scholarship.

The academic report should include course grades, cumulative grade point average (CGPA) and a statement of the academic standing of the student. The academic report can be in the form of a letter or other official document and should be signed by the appropriate university official, e.g. Dean, Department Head, and Registrar.

Travel Plan

Notify your Scholarship Academic Advisor of any travel plans outside the location of study, either for trips to other places or return trips to the UAE.  Provide a copy of your I-94 upon your return to the US.

Contact with your Academic Advisor

Your Scholarship Academic Advisor at the Cultural Division is available to provide information, advice and assistance to you. You may consult him/her for assistance on concerns regarding academic and personal matters that may arise before departure, upon arrival, and throughout the duration of your scholarship program in the US. He/she may be reached at 1 (877) 862-7223 or (202) 243-4444 during regular office hours from 9am to 4pm Eastern Standard Time from Monday to Friday. In the event of emergencies beyond those hours, you are asked to use the Emergency Contact number posted instead.

Billing Inquiry

For billing and reimbursement inquiries, please contact our Office at 1 (877) 862-7223 ext. 4412 or (202) 243-4412 during regular office hours from 9am to 4pm Eastern Standard Time from Monday to Friday.

We wish all of you very a happy time and successful years wherever you are in the United States.

Dubai Police