Authenticating Documents

The Education & Technology Sciences Attaché Offices no longer authenticate UAE students’ documents effective Feb 16, 2022.       

If you want to attest your educational documents, you need to contact one of the Consulate Offices of the UAE Embassy in USA. 

The links below include the requirements and fees to stamp Educational Documents and contacts.    

Ministry of Education (MoE) Equivalency NEW process 

The Ministry of Education (MoE) no longer requires stamping diplomas and transcripts to apply for equivalency.  The new process is as follows:  

1.     Authenticity letter: students request it from Dataflow.  If you have a scholarship, please ask your sponsor to issue you the Authenticity Letter. 

2.     Equivalency:  Once DataFlow or your sponsor sends you the authenticity letter/report, you can apply for equivalency.  


  If you have questions or require assistance, please call or email MOE Customer Happiness Centers. 

Address: Ministry of Education Customer Happiness Centers in the UAE, you will find the details of the addresses on the   contact us page  

Phone: 80051115

Email: For general inquiries:  For institutes: